Biggest Fish

The most recent 'Biggest Fish' was captured on 17th March 2016

This page shows the biggest specimens reported from The Warren. The name of the captor is included along with the approximate date the fish was caught.

If you're aware of any inaccuracies please let us know via the Contact page, and if you'd like to see your name on this page please remember to send us a Catch Report.


Main Lake

Match Lake

The Square

Tench Lake


Gary Shaves: 8lb 14oz Bream from the Main Lake

8lb 14oz

Gary Shaves
April 2009

Ryan Jenkins: 9lb 13oz Bream from the The Square

9lb 13oz

Ryan Jenkins
May 2007


Common Carp

Crucian Carp

4lb 13oz

Monty Oates
May 2008


Monty Oates: 6lb 2oz Eel from the Match Lake

6lb 2oz

Monty Oates
August 2008

Koi Carp

Leather Carp

Linear Carp

Mirror Carp

34lb 12oz

Mark Graves
March 2016


Andy Way: 4lb 7oz Perch from the Main Lake

4lb 7oz

Andy Way
October 2009


Tony Patterson: 28lb 6oz Pike from the The Square

28lb 6oz

Tony Patterson
March 2009



Colin Hardy: 3lb 8oz Rudd from the Main Lake

3lb 8oz

Colin Hardy
September 2009


Gary Shaves: 12lb 2oz Tench from the Main Lake

12lb 2oz

Gary Shaves
April 2005