Day Tickets

This page was last modified on 17th August 2017

The Warren Fishery can be fished on a Day Ticket all year round. Opening hours are 7:00am until 7:00pm or sunset, whichever is earlier. This generally means the fishery is open until 7:00pm during British Summer Time, and closes at sunset during Greenwich Mean Time. There may be occasions when the fishery opens late, or closes early, or occasions when some areas are closed to anglers for some reason. We will always try to give prior notice via the Website and/or signs at the fishery.

Day Tickets can be purchased from the bailiff on the bank, just select your swim and start fishing — the bailiff will be round at some point.

Gates will be locked at closing time. To ensure you're not locked in please take note of the closing time when you purchase your Day Ticket. The bailiff will blow a whistle approximately 20 minutes prior to closing time so, if not doing so already, you should pack up at this time.

Day Tickets are valid across all 3 Day Ticket lakes (the Match Lake, the The Square, and the Tench Lake), so you could start fishing on one lake, then move across to a different lake at no extra charge.

Day Tickets are not available on the Main Lake, which is now 'Members Only'.

Access to the fishery is via the main gate, which unlocks automatically at 7:00am. If you arrive and the gate is closed please give it a good push — you may be the first angler to arrive. If so, please fully open the gate and secure it open with the bolt.

The gate to the 2nd car park is opened by the bailiff at around 9:00am. If, when you arrive, this gate is open, it means you can use the car park. This car park is adjacent to The Square.

The Match Lake is accessed via the personnel gate on the North bank of the Main Lake. Parking for the Match Lake can be reached by turning right once you enter the main gate, then follow the track which is signed.

The Tench Lake is accessed via the personnel gate on the opposite side of Wharf Road to the The Square. Parking for the Tench Lake is either along the side of the road (there are only a few spaces) or in the 2nd car park.

Flush toilets and a stand-pipe for fresh water are provided. The lock number for the toilet can be obtained from the bailiff. Please treat these facilities with respect.

Please note - no Junior under 12 years of age is allowed on the fishery unless accompanied by an adult (who shall remain responsible for the Junior).

Day Ticket prices

Day Tickets prices and eligibility are shown below. If you intend to purchase a Junior or Concessionary Day Ticket you should consider carrying appropriate proof of eligibility or you may be charged full price.

Day Tickets are valid on the day of purchase only.




1st Rod£6.00Adult aged 18-65 years
2nd Rod£4.00All anglers 2nd Rod
Junior£4.00Junior aged under 18 years. Proof of eligibility may be required.
Concession£4.00Adult aged 18-65 years who is receiving disability allowances, or Adult aged over 65. Proof of eligibility may be required.
Guest£15.00An angler who is fishing overnight as the Guest of a Member. Ticket is valid (for 2 rods only) between the hours of 7:00pm and 7:00am the following day. Outside this period normal Day Ticket prices apply. Guest Tickets must be booked with the bailiff prior to fishing, by the Member concerned.

Prices correct at 1st January 2016