Fishery Rules

The Rules were last revised on 30th April 2016

All anglers must comply with the following rules. Anyone failing to do so may be asked to leave the Fishery.

Rules are in place to protect anglers, fish stocks, wildlife, and the environment, so please ensure you read and comply with them.

  1. All persons fishing are bound by the bye-laws and regulations at the time being in force of the Environment Agency.
  2. Day tickets to be purchased from the bailiffs and produced on request.
  3. All litter must be taken home (you are responsible for litter/line found in your occupied swim and the adjacent area). THIS INCLUDES DISCARDED FISHING LINE - IT IS THE GREATEST CONTRIBUTOR TO WILDLIFE FATALITIES ON THE COMPLEX.
  4. All rods when 'baited and cast out' shall not be left unattended.
  5. Tackle used will be in keeping with the sought after species.
  6. Only knotless landing nets and keep nets to be used.
  7. Fishing for Pike is allowed from 1st November until 28th February.
  8. Keepnets to be minimum 16" diameter.
  9. Minimum of 36" landing nets for pike and carp.
  10. Unhooking mats to be used - no fish to be laid directly on the ground.
  11. No livebaiting.
  12. NO LURE FISHING and Pike fishing requirements: Wire traces must be used, Semi barbed hooks or barbless only, Long handled forceps and side cutters.
  13. No nuts of any kind to be used (including Tigers).
  14. No fixed leads.
  15. No swimming.
  16. No open fires.
  17. No guns.
  18. No model boats.
  19. No fishing from any bridges.
  20. Cycles to be walked at all times on the fishery.
  21. No radios.
  22. Well-behaved dogs under the control of an adult are allowed, but we reserve the right to have any dog removed if it's creating a problem. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Any fouling MUST be cleared and taken away - we do not provide disposal facilities.